Let's get to know each other! Some call us a little crazy (in a positive way), some laugh that we have more hours in the day than others, and some say we're just good people who believe that good will triumph over evil. We like to call ourselves a fun, strong and tireless team "Tavi draugi" (Translation: Your friends)!


This is a question that has come up more than once. The answer is quite simple - we really like to help people and we believe that the work we do is valuable and provides real help to those who are in trouble. Merchandise is one of the ways we can combine the fun with the useful – creating valuable and lasting products while supporting those in need. By purchasing our merch products, you will not only get a high-quality, fashionable product and give your contribution to the support of Ukraine, but you will also show your stance by walking around in our cool merch T-shirts and accessories.


We buy most of the goods for our merch from Ukraine, thus supporting Ukrainian designers and textile factories. Goods from Ukraine are delivered to Latvia, where you can buy them. Part of the income goes back to the producers in Ukraine, and the other part goes to humanitarian aid. When purchasing merch products, everyone benefits - both Ukrainian companies that continue to work even in war conditions, and Ukrainian civilians and soldiers who receive humanitarian aid. Currently, we are also actively attracting Latvian designers to offer you an even wider range of products. By buying Latvian merch, you support Latvian families that are in need.